That’s right, absolutely free. I will pick ONE winner from the folks that enter this little contest. The pictures are shot by yours truly 🙂 You can see samples of my work and studio at I’ll shoot you in two different looks, and give you all of the images from the shoot on a […]


A New Way Forward

Today marks the historic event of Barrack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States. Landmark for many reasons, including the fact that President Obama is the first black American to hold the office, his swearing in means something beyond that for many others. It is a symbol of our growth as a […]

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It Could Be Worse…

These days, it’s easy for people to be depressed. The economy is in shambles, businesses, financial, and arts institutions are failing on a daily basis, subarctic temperatures make leaving your house nearly unbearable–in short, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. I can personally attest to this, going through money problems, child custody […]

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Impending Disaster…

With the demise of Akron’s Carousel Dinner Theatre, is the rest of Cleveland Theatre soon to follow? Ready Tony Brown from the Plain Dealer’s thoughts here. Is closing the doors the answer? I think not. Reading Tony’s article you see examples of what theatres like CPT and and the Cleveland Playhouse are doing to keep […]

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