I Do! I Do!

Just a quick plug for what I think is going to be a great show at True North Cultural Arts-“I Do! I Do!” opens this Friday February 27th and runs through March 15th. The book and lyrics are written by Tom Jones, and the score is composed by Harvey Schmidt–the same duo that brought the […]

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Happy Birthday Braeden

By the time this post is published it will be February 21st–the birthday of my son Braeden Thomas. He would be six years old today. Braeden was a stillborn in the eighth month of pregnancy. He died in the womb due strangulation from the umbilical cord, something there is no way to predict or prevent. […]

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Well, it would appear that the old adage of the “starving artist” is not necessarily true. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film industry reported has reported an average 2% year over year increase, reaching a record of $9.78 billion in gross box office sales. And those figures are just the box office–they don’t include rentals, […]

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Guerilla Performance at its best

Check out this video from an East Liverpool train station. The early morning commuters got more than they bargained for! Thank you to Toni M. for sending this out on NeOhioPal. I’d love to see this spontaneous and entertaining sort of guerilla style performance used more by theatres as a marketing tactic. In high school […]

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