Location, Location, Location

They say that location is one of the most important things in a business. I’m finding out why.

My business has changed a lot since 2007. I’m currently in my third studio space. I now do this for a living (I started out just part time when I was working full time at the talent agency). And my business is changing. When I started out I shot primarily headshots for models and actors. It made sense–I had access to them through the agency, people knew me there, and there was a constant supply of talent that needed new photos. Now, that’s not so much the case. I still love taking headshots, but I’ve found that more and more of my business is consumed by commercial work (lots of theater, some small businesses and schools) and portraits.

Having a loft in midtown Cleveland was cool for models and actors. Not so much for commercial work and portraits.

My location no longer works for the business I’m pursuing. So I’m off in search of yet another studio. While I’ll certainly miss the 1900 sq/ft live/work space I’m currently in (half of an old gymnasium), and I’ll most assuredly end up in a smaller, far less cool studio space in the suburbs, I’ve got to go where the money is. As the business evolves, we need to evolve with it.

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