How I put myself first every day

There are tons of blog posts, articles, and even whole books about the importance of establishing a daily routine. I find it fascinating to see how other people manage their day to day lives, especially people in the same field as me. But like many other people, I was more of a voyeur–I loved to hear what other people were doing, but could never really seem to get motivated enough to come up with something that I could stick to. It’s only recently that I really got into a routine that I feel good about, so I’d like to share what that is exactly, and how I finally arrived.

The most important thing to remember that the whole purpose of having a daily routine is to be able to have the mental capacity and attention to expend towards achieving the goals that are most important to you. To rephrase, your daily routine is your time to put yourself first so you can focus on the important work.

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