What I’m doing now

  • Getting ready for an awesome Filmapalooza in Rotterdam
  • Directing the table readings of award-winning screenplays at the upcoming Short. Sweet. Film Fest.
  • Finishing up a short film project I worked on in November with a scout troop
  • Writing the treatment for a serial killer short thriller
  • Preparing for the comeback of the Gorilla Film School – The Dailies email and podcast (and putting together some fun products)
  • Trying to drop 20 pounds via the slow carb diet and strength training
  • Participating in the Read to Lead Challenge from Daily Stoic
  • Getting tested for ADHD – the next phase of my ongoing mental health treatments
  • I think I’m getting ready to start rehearsals for my fourth production of Pump Boys & Dinettes
  • Preparing for auditions–there are live shows, TV, and film projects I want to audition for
  • Trying to keep the Cleveland Film Collective calendar active
  • Brainstorming next (first?) steps to make my filmmaking/creative space a reality

Last updated February 2020