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All About Me

I’m a proud papa–I have a daughter and son of my own, and am lucky to have a girlfriend with a daughter of her own. They are all wonderful young adults, and amaze me every day.

I am dating the most incredible woman on the planet–she’s beautiful, intelligent, and fierce, and is one of the most caring and supportive human beings I’ve ever met.

We recently (as of August 2017) moved to University Heights, and absolutely LOVE it. We’re minutes away from some of the hippest and most fun places in Cleveland and just 15 minutes from downtown, but it still has a great, friendly neighborhood vibe that makes us feel like we’re part of a really tight-knit community.

For fun, I play the guitar, piano, and sing. I’m also a recovering actor.

My girlfriend got me hooked on running a couple of years ago, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I love running our neighborhood or one of the many beautiful parks in the area. I’m currently working towards a sub-2 hour half-marathon.

These are things I’m working on right now.

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Brian Bowers has worked in the arts and entertainment world for nearly his whole life. Starting as an actor at a very young age, Brian has performed for over 30 years in theatre, commercials, industrials, and voiceover work.

He attended Baldwin-Wallace College in for the BA Theatre program. Years later, he took the online BS Entertainment Business program from Full Sail University.

His interest in both entertainment and business led to his work as an agent in one of the largest regional talent agencies in the area where he found work and helped negotiate contracts for actors and models in commercials, industrials, voiceovers, and print/fashion. During this time he also created Braedy Photography, a portrait studio specializing in headshots for models and actors.

In 2008, Brian began producing the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project, part of the world’s largest timed film competition. In 2010, he joined the Headquarters staff of the international 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) organization as Assistant Director of Operations. He continues to work for the 48HFP today, while also working on his side project Gorilla Film School, a site that provides tons of free resources along with some paid products for filmmakers and actors.

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Get In Touch

Email is a lost cause at this point–I reached email overload a long time ago, it’s a really inefficient way to work, and I just don’t like it. I’m on Facebook daily, Twitter not as regularly (though I’d like to learn how to use it better), and I’m really only on Instagram to see what my kids are up to. For anything else, feel free to connect, but I’m not really on there regularly.

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p.s. I stole my blog format from Derek Sivers. He’s a really smart guy, you should read his stuff.